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This was initially going to be one long post about the many wonderful food producers that sell their produce at the Supernatural Food Market, but it has now ballooned into a very long piece that I will deliver in several parts…

I am extremely lucky to live within walking distance of an excellent farmers’ market that I shop at most Saturday mornings.  The Supernatural Food Market offers us city-dwellers a chance to meet local food producers every Saturday morning from 9:30am until 3:30pm.  The market took over from the Dublin Co-op which now operates out of Newmarket in Dublin 8.  Luckily they’ve decided not to have a membership system, so anyone is welcome to come in and shop there.  I highly recommend popping in if you’re in the area and seeing what they have on offer.  And if you call yourself a foodie and you live nearby you owe it to yourself to get down there early and support our local food producers.  The only thing I wish was different about this market is the fact that they don’t open during the week.  I have to apologise in advance for the slightly random filters and styles of my photographs, I don’t know what happened but I somehow managed to add a new arty effect every time I moved to a new stall!

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Normally I try to get there by about 1pm, as mornings are not my favourite part of the day at the best of times.  But last Saturday I dragged myself down there at the relatively early time of 11:30am (very early by my standards)  and I made a mental note to get there earlier in future.

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Outside the main entrance to the market, which is located in St. Andrew’s Resource Centre on Pearse Street, is the Donegal Fresh Fish stand which usually has a long queue in front of it.  I normally get some hake from them, as I am not very adventurous when it comes to fish but they also stock plenty of shellfish as well as smoked fish.  My photography skills probably didn’t do them justice but if you like fresh fish, you won’t get a better deal in Dublin city centre than this stall.

IMG_0147butchers counter 1butchers counter 2

Just inside the door Pat Mulhall runs a butchers counter.  All of the meat at Pat’s counter is organic and almost all of it comes from his own farm Coolanowle in County Carlow.  It is truly delicious and amazing value.  All of the beef, lamb and pork is from their own farm, and they also sell excellent organic chickens and lovely half pound packets of handmade butter.  Sometimes Pat has duck eggs, which I was very wary of at first as I thought they might have a very strong flavour, but I’m now converted.  I am a yolk person, so any egg which has a proportionately larger yolk makes me happy!

Pat’s selection of meat is excellent and you won’t find organic steaks for the same price anywhere else in Dublin.  It also freezes very well so stock up if you can.  The Mulhalls run a Bed and Breakfast.   It was recently upgraded to 5 stars, something they are very proud of.  Coonanowle also sell at Dun Laoghaire, Clontarf and Leopardstown farmers’ markets if you’re elsewhere in Dublin, and in Kilkenny and Carlow town in if that suits you better.

That’s enough delicious ingredients to be getting on with for the time being, and we’ve barely gotten through the front door!  Come back soon for part two…