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Happy Monday everybody!  What a horrid day to start the week – it has been raining non-stop today and it feels like winter again.  On a happier note, this Saturday I ventured out to Howth to attend a workshop with Erica Ryan and Gary Jordan.  Erica is a successful and talented food stylist, and Gary is an equally talented and successful photographer who is very experienced at photographing food.  They often work together and have created mouth-watering images for some of Ireland’s biggest and best known brands.  Erica also works on many of the films and TV series that are shot in Ireland, and often gets called in to create a visually stunning meal for camera.  So who better to help me learn the fine art of photographing food to look its best?

There were about 8 of us at this workshop – all women as it happens.  We were all there for slightly different reasons but with the common theme of wanting to take better photos of our food; whether it was for our food blog, or to work as a food stylist or to sell our food online.  I can safely say that we all learned a lot!  By the end of the day, I felt inspired and encouraged.  And I hope that I can apply most, if not all of what I have learned from Erica and Gary and make this blog as visually interesting as possible.

Erica and Gary run these workshops every few months, so if you’re a budding food blogger, photographer or food stylist, then I would definitely check the next one out.  You can find out more about them here.

On the way home I popped into Howth Farmer’s Market to see what they had for sale.  I picked up some rather tasty mustard sausages made with free range pork.  I also bought 3 lovely loaves of artisan bread, for 10 euro, which is a bargain in my books as they are fairly big.  I also managed to get some lovely Irish rhubarb and some very fresh blueberries, sadly not Irish but you can’t win ’em all eh?  Howth market was great, but I still think my local Supernatural Food Market on Pearse Street is the best one in Dublin!  I will be so glad to get back to it next Saturday!!

I leave you with a pick of two of the loaves alongside the rhubarb.  I think I may need to upgrade my camera at some point this year but for now my little Nikon Coolpix will have to suffice.

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Irish Rhubarb, Brioche and Fruity Apricot & Raisin Loaf


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