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I’m in the middle of writing a longer piece about where you can get organic milk in your coffee in Dublin.  As part of that research, I needed to get some photos of coffee from the places I know that serve organic milk in their hot drinks.

Cappucino, Fumbally, Dublin

The Fumbally is one of those places I wished I lived nearer to, because I know it would be somewhere I would go to all the time.  It serves some amazing food at lunchtime, I remember getting a delicious roast vegetable, ricotta, mint and rocket sandwich there last summer, but today I popped in for a coffee and cake with my mum.  She had tea and an orange and cinnamon Italian style cake, and I had a cappucino and  flourless chocolate cake.  I didn’t get the chance to taste hers, but it looked great, she had scoffed the whole thing before I knew it!  My cake was rich and decadent, if a little too sweet for me.  The coffee was excellent.

Orange Cake, The Fumbally, Dublin, Irish Food

Flourless Chocolate Cake, Chocolate ake, The Fumbally, Dublin, Irish Food, Cafes Dublin


The place has that ramshackle, hipstery vibe that is becoming ubiquitous around Dublin now but the quality of the food is special enough to keep you coming back.  I hear their brunches are excellent too but I’m rarely up that way early on the weekend.

The Fumbally, Dublin 8, Cafes Dublin, Organic Milk, Irish Food,

It’s funny that Dublin 8 is becomg so trendy and foodie-fied, as I grew up about 3 minutes away from the Fumbally, and would have loved to have had it on my doorstep back then.  But it’s just great to see Dublin getting more and more passionate about good food.  Stay tuned for my piece on organic milk and which Irish cafes and restaurants serve it.  I’ll be posting that one as soon as I finish sampling all the places on my list.  It’s a hard old life…

The Fumbally, Dublin, Irish Food, Coffee

The Fumbally Cafe

Fumbally Lane

Dublin 8


Tel: 01 529 8732