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A few weekends ago I was feeling a little worse for wear after drinking far too much red wine the night before with the girls.  We were only having a low key dinner party in my friend’s house, but we ended up drinking all the wine in the house and moved onto the vodka and gin!  Why is it always the quiet nights in that give you the really bad hangovers??

Anyway I digress.  It was a great night but my head didn’t thank me for it the next day.  I managed to drag my hungover self, along with my other half, down to the farmers’ market on Pearse Street, but by this stage it was nearly 3pm, so I was in desperate need of a big, savoury brunch to set me right.  We popped over to Bath Avenue and were glad to see that Farmer Brown’s was still open. We used to live nearby and we miss being able to nip around the corner to places like this, not to mention my beloved Juniors and Paulie’s Pizza!  Now we have to make the extra effort to come down to Bath Avenue to eat here.  But it’s more than worth the trip!

Farmer Brown's, Bath Avenue,  Best Brunch Dublin, Brunch Dublin,

Farmer Brown’s at Bath Avenue

In case you don’t know about it, Farmer Brown’s is a cosy, friendly cafe that serves, breakfast, lunch and dinner out of what must be a tiny kitchen.  They have a quirky, vintage style, but the emphasis seems to be on quality ingredients cooked well.  They were setting up a smoker-type barbecue outside to serve to people on their way to the Aviva.  I’ve only had lunch and brunch here, but their dinner menu always looks good too.

Farmer Brown's, Bath Avenue,  Best Brunch Dublin, Brunch Dublin,

Farmer Brown’s cosy interior at Bath Avenue

We sat inside, but they have a good few tables outside too, which are great in the summer.  I debated getting the French Toast with maple syrup and smoked streaky bacon (the way all bacon should be if you ask me!), but I was craving something savoury so I went for the Full Irish, or Starvin’ Marvin, as it’s known here.

The Starvin Marvin at Farmer Browns, Brunch, Best Brunch Dublin, Brunch Dublin, Farmer Browns, Dublin 4,

The Starvin’ Marvin at Farmer Browns

It came with two poached free range eggs, very tasty organic leek sausages, lots of bacon, a black and white pudding combo and some toasted batch bread.  It also came with tomatoes, even though I had asked not to have them, as I’m funny about whole tomatoes in food.  I didn’t mind but it seemed like a waste when they could’ve saved them in the first place. But it was a minor quibble, because this brunch was just what I needed.  Everything was perfectly cooked and very, very tasty.  The eggs were poached just long enough to still leave them lovely and runny.  The bacon was properly crispy.  The toast was warm, golden and buttery.  Everything else on the plate was perfect too.  This is the way this type of breakfast should always be cooked – other places take note!

My other half had the free range chicken wings with the beloved Franks Buffalo Sauce and a stick of celery on the side.  He reported back that they were excellent wings, and he was very happy we had come in for brunch.  I love chicken wings but I don’t think I have ever ordered them for brunch.  He had no such qualms, in fact he kept reminding me of how much he was enjoying them!  I liked the fact that they were free range.  I tried a few and can say that they were indeed delicious.  They came with a cute enamel tin full of crispy fries, which were also very good.

Free range chicken wings, fries, Farmer Browns, Brunch Dublin,

Free range chicken wings with fries

We also both ordered coffees, a cappuccino for me and an americano for him, which came in very cute cups.  My cappuccino came with yummy milk chocolate grated on top, which made me happy.

Cappuccino, Farmer Brown's, Brunch Dublin, Brunch, Coffee, Dublin 4,

Cappuccino at Farmer Brown’s

Farmer Brown's, Brunch Dublin, Brunch, Coffee, Dublin 4,

Americano at Farmer Brown’s

We both really enjoyed this brunch, and will be going back again soon.  I always get excited when I see places that focus on good quality ingredients and have a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  Farmer Brown’s would be perfect for a bigger group of diners, and I think it’s kid friendly too if I recall correctly.  I know that many of Dublin’s brunch fans will probably be familiar with Farmer Brown’s already ( they recently featured on Lovin’ Dublin’s list of Dublin’s Best Brunches) but if you’re not, get yourself down there for brunch this weekend, you will be glad you did!


Farmer Brown’s Market & Eatery

25A Bath Ave,


Dublin 4

Tel: 01 660 2326

Facebook: facebook.com/farmerbrownsdublin

Twitter: @farmerbrownsdub