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One food I’m always thrilled to spot when I’m out and about in Dublin is organic milk, specifically when it’s on offer in cafés or restaurants.  In fact I actively go out of my way to find places that have organic milk when I want a coffee in town.  I know this may seem a little bit obsessive, but I don’t care, it means a lot to me.  I love being able to order a coffee or tea made with organic milk.  I’m quite wary of conventional dairy products ever since a friend, who works in the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, told me that the majority of Irish milk and dairy has traces of GMOs in the food chain, even if it was just at tiny levels.

Organic farming never allows GM crops to be used as feed.  It is also free from pesticides, growth hormones (used in other countries like the USA) and antibiotics, whereas conventional dairy doesn’t have that guarantee.  Organic dairy has also been proven to be more nutritious, cause less allergies and be more beneficial for the human body than conventional dairy.  And here in Ireland, we are lucky to be able to get primarily grass-fed dairy for most of the year.  Grass-fed dairy has far more healthy fats, CLA and Omega 3 that grain fed dairy.  And we all know Irish milk and butter taste better than any other part of the world.

I know that in general Irish dairy is very good quality, but that almost makes me more annoyed to know that there are genetically modified crops being fed to Irish cows, and most people don’t even know about it!  By the time we really find out the damage it is doing to us, it may be too late to do anything about it. So look for and ask for organic milk whenever you shop or eat out.  I actually buy raw, un-pasturised, un-homogenised organic milk every week, but that is its own blog post.  For now, I’ll settle for just organic milk when I’m out and about.

I’ve noticed in the past couple of years that a lot of great cafes and restaurants are using Organic For Us milk in their coffee and teas.  I’m sure there are other brands being used but this is the one I’ve spotted over and over again, and as far as I know it’s the only one that you can buy in 2 litre bottles.  All of their milk comes from An Grianan, Ireland’s largest organic dairy farm up in beautiful, clean, unspoilt Donegal, and is all farmed by one family. I got in touch with them to find out where their milk is served and here are the places they currently stock.  It’s no coincidence that they happen to be some of the best places to get a proper coffee in Dublin, and further afield:

3FE Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2

Founded by Colin Harmon, who is at the forefront of the proper coffee revolution in Ireland, and who won Barista Champion in 2012, 3FE serve a wide variety of coffees, as well an extensive selection of yummy cakes, pastries and of course delicious, nourishing soups and sandwiches.  They even feature in Organic For Us’ lovely promo video which can be viewed here.  If you haven’t tried their coffee yet, you are missing out.  They lead the way when it comes to proper coffee culture in Dublin.

Cappucino from 3fe

Cappucino, 3FE, Organic Milk, Organic For Us, Organic, Coffee, Irish Food, Organic Food, Colin Harmon,

Cappuccinos from 3FE

The Fumbally, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8
I don’t get to the Fumbally as often as I’d like but they never disappoint.  I used to live up the road from Fumbally Lane and I’m thrilled to see such a great foodie hotspot open up here.  I was even more thrilled to see they were using organic milk.  Their coffee is great, as are the cakes that accompany it.  They also do amazing sandwiches and salads for lunch and brunch that are so fresh and tasty and the portions are huge!


Cappuccino at the Fumbally, Fumbally, Dublin 8, Organic Milk, Organic For Us, Coffee Dublin,

Cappuccino at the Fumbally

Brother Hubbard

One of my most popular blog posts was this review of Brother Hubbard from a few months ago.  They have recently expanded next door with Little Brother. They serve gorgeous breakfast, lunch and brunch, as well as excellent coffee and other fantastic drinks, as well as lots of yummy cakes.  I don’t know why I haven’t been back since, my only excuse is that it’s on the other side of the city.

Hot Chocolate at Brother Hubbard, Brother Hubbard, Capel St, Hipster Dublin, Trendy Dublin, Dublin Foodie, 3FE, Organic For Us, Organic Milk, Local Food, Artisan Coffee

The Hot Chocolate at Bother Hubbard – made with ACTUAL melted chocolate and organic milk of course!!! Divine!!

Seven Wonders, IFSC, Excise Walk, Dublin 1

So chuffed to see Seven Wonders is using organic milk too.  I used to live off their bagels, soups and salads back in the day when I worked down at the IFSC.  Their food is always super fresh and tasty so of course they would have jumped on the organic milk bandwagon.  just another reason to nip in for a coffee.  Their coffee was always good.  They also have a little outpost in the Grand Canal Dock Dart station but I have no idea what milk they use there…

P.S When I was at the We Are in Puglia roadshow this week at Georges’ Dock, I spotted that they were opening another branch inside the sadly underused CHQ building, so I gather they are moving from their original spot further down.  I need to go back soon and take some pics…

Farm Restaurants, Dawson Street & Leeson Street

I know this place is very popular but I was quite underwhelmed when I had dinner there.  But perhaps it was an off day, and they focus on organic ingredients so that it to be commended.

Fallon & Byrne, Exchequer street, Dublin 2

Creamy Cappucino,  Fallon & Byrne,  Coffee Dublin, Organic For Us, Organic Milk, Irish Food, Irish Milk, Organic Food,

Creamy Cappucino at Fallon & Byrne

My foodie mecca.  I would happily live in Fallon & Byrne.  They have over 150 people working there.  I often grab a sandwich and a giant bowl of soup.  Don’t be put off by their fancy-pants gourmet chocolates and other expensive food in the middle of the store, they have a the best meat and fish, cheese and deli counters and staff in Dublin city.  And their coffees and other hot drinks are exceptionally good.  They were the first place I spotted the organic milk behind the counter.

Hatch & Sons, Stephens Green Dublin 2

Like popping in to your Granny’s kitchen or parlour for a comforting cake or sandwich, with vintage pewter tea pots and cosy fireplace to keep you warm.  This place serves the best blaas, a floury bap from Waterford stuffed full of delicious Irish ingredients like home baked, ham, cheddar and Ballymaloe relish.  Always worth a visit.  So glad they use organic milk here because you could easily get through a big pot of tea all on your own.

vintage teapot, hatch & sons, stephens green, irish tea, organic milk

Vintage teapot in Hatch & Sons

Joe’s, Arnott’s, Liffey Street, Dublin 1

coffee, Joe's, Arnott's, Itsa, 3FE, gourmet coffee, Kemp sisters, Organic For Us, Irish food, organic milk, What Coffee Shops Have Organic Milk in Dublin, Which Coffee Shops Have Organic Milk in Dublin

Joe’s opened up last year in Arnotts.  They serve excellent coffees and teas, as well as indulgent cakes and pastries and tasty sandwiches too.  They are part of the Itsa family, which makes me wonder why Itsa themselves haven’t yet started using organic milk in their drinks.  Hopefully they will soon…

Kaph, Drury Street, Dublin 2

A very minimalist coffee shop on Drury Street that does great coffee, as well as the very trendy, if somewhat fishy, Macha Green Tea, pictured below.  Supposedly great for your brain as well as the rest of your body, I find myself on the fence about the mackerel-y taste.  Apparently a bit of cinnamon helps disguise it but I have yet to try that myself.

matcha latte, kapha, organic milk, drury street, organic dublin,

Matcha Latte from Kaph


The Beanhive

This cute little place opened up last year and they serve organic coffee and milk, and lots of lunch options too.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but was chuffed to see a sign in the window about them using organic milk.  They also won lots of international barista awards, so I really must nip in soon and try them out.

Brooklodge Hotel, Wicklow

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Brook Lodge yet, but it’s good to see them serving the organic milk.

Gino’s Gelato

This one was a bit of a surprise, as I would never have guessed they used organic anything.  Apparently they only use organic milk in their ice cream.  They should really advertise this fact more, as it would definitely get me in to try them out.  And there doesn’t seem to be any sign of this fact on display at their shops on Grafton Street and Henry Street.  But now that I know they use organic milk, I’ll have to give it a go.

Soho Coffee Dublin Airport Terminal 1

Yes I’ve even had organic for us milk at 5am at Dublin Airport!! Although it was right beside the gate, and by the time I got my coffee and croissant, my flight was boarding so I had to wolf it down and try not scald my windpipe off before I had to board.  But you’ve no idea how this made my day!

Vice Coffee Inc., Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this place out yet.

Urbun Café in Cabinteely, Dublin 18

Neither have I been out to Cabinteely yet, but good to know they are using organic milk too.

Cornucopia, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

Cornucopia has been around for so long, that I often pass by it and think I must try it out, but never get around to it.  It has a loyal following though, and if you like super healthy vegetarian food then you probably already eat there! Lovely to know they also use organic milk.

If you have a favourite coffee spot and they don’t yet use organic milk, why not ask them to think about it?  You’ll be doing your health and the cow’s health a big favour.  You can also buy Organic For Us milk in many supermarkets around the country and they are the only organic milk that comes in 2 litre bottles.  This isn’t a sponsored post by any means, it just happens that they are the only brand I have seen that supply cafés and restaurants. If you know of any other, let me know in the comments.

My other favourite brand of organic milk is Mossfield Milk, which is not homogenised, meaning it hasn’t gone through a process of breaking down the fat and redistributing it, like all other milk has.  There is a lot of controversy about homogenisation and its effects on our health.  I buy Mossfield whenever I can.  It is extra creamy and even has a more yellow tint to it.  They sell it in places like The Butler’s Pantry as well as several other shops around the country.  If you spot it you must try it – it is divine!  They also make yummy natural yogurt, buttermilk and gorgeous cheddar cheese.  I just wish more places stocked them as they are exceptional!

Whatever you do, it would be worthwhile switching to organic milk.  Irish milk is excellent, but unfortunately conventional dairy farming means we are ingesting pesticides, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms through the food chain unless we choose organic.  Consumers can make a difference so start asking for it when you’re eating out or even shopping at the supermarket.  It will make a difference.






Since I wrote this post, I have collected a few more places that serve organic milk in and around Dublin and Ireland. So I thought it would be a good idea to add them to the list. If you know of any other places in Ireland that serve organic milk, please let me know in the comments!

In no particular order:

Fixx, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Alchemy Juice Bar, BT2, Grafton Street, Dublin 2 (read my review of it over here on beaut.ie)

The Happy Pear, Main Street, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

(again you can read my review of it over here at beaut.ie)

Love Supreme, 57 Manor Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

(review coming up here on the blog asap!)

Grove Road, 1 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

Roasted Brown, Filmbase, Curve Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Organic Supermarket, Blackrock, Rathgar and Malahide

Two Beans Cafe, 11 George’s Street Lower, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Slice Cafe, Manor Place, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

Mystic Picnic, 1 The Old Schoolhouse, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow

Staple Foods, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Lo-Cal Kitchen, The Phoenix Racecourse, Dublin 15

Select Stores, 1 Railway Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Sister Sadie, 46 Harrington Street, Dublin 8

(I reviewed Sister Sadie for Beaut.ie over here)