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I wanted to get this in before midnight, but as usual that didn’t happen! My iPad crashed and I couldn’t upload the photos for what seemed like ages! Anyway, no matter. Today was Nigella Lawson’s 56th birthday! I’m such a huge fan of her. She is one of the first TV cooks and food writers that I followed, and really inspires me in my food writing. Her attitude to food is so healthy and uplifting!


I was lucky enough to meet her in Dublin a few years ago when she did a book signing for Nigellissima, and she was just as lovely in person! Of course I forgot to bring some of my well worn Nigella books with me that day, (getting into town early on a Saturday morning was achievement enough!) but I also bought two while I was there. She was very warm and friendly with everyone and we chatted briefly about her No Churn Coffee Ice Cream recipe in the book. I hope I get to meet her again one day, now that I have my own food blog. I admire her so much and her books are the ones I use constantly.

In other exciting news, here is a picture of my brand new Kitchenaid, a very generous and thoughtful gift from Mr. Cooksalot this Christmas! What a dream come true! I was breaking it in with Nigella’s Prodigious Pavlova from her Christmas book. Perfect for New Years Eve! It whipped the egg whites beautifully and turned out wonderfully! I felt like I was channelling Nigella the whole time. It’s been a dream of mine for years and I’m so excited to use it for so many things. I’m a very lucky woman! Now I just need to find some willing recipients to share all my new baked goods with…


I was also lucky enough to get her new book, Simply Nigella, for Christmas this year from my lovely Mum, who is also a huge Nigella fan. And I thoroughly enjoyed her new BBC show of the same name. So far, I’ve made her Potato and Pepper Bake and it was very good! I’m dying to make the Caramelised Garlic Hummus, Cauliflower and Cashew Nut Curry, as well as the Smoky Salted Caramel Sauce! And that’s to name but a few!

I’ll report back once I’ve had a good use of it. Until then, I leave you with a photo of my kitchen book shelf, still adorned with twinkling Christmas lights! Happy New Year! Xxximg_1113