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I don’t know about you, but I can only drink so much coffee or normal tea in a day before the caffeine starts to get to me. I normally have a cup of coffee with my breakfast and maybe one or two cups of tea later in the day and that’s it, I’ve reached my limit! Any more and I start to feel jittery or it affects my sleep. In the evenings, when I’m in the mood for a hot drink, I reach for some herbal tea.

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I like teas that are made from pure herbs, preferably organic, with no artificial flavourings. Good quality herbal teas can have a very beneficial effect on your body and mind, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite ones from Pukka. These are just three of the flavours I’ve been enjoying lately, but they have a huge range of teas so there’s lots to choose from. Side note: this is not a sponsored post, I just really like Pukka teas!


This tea is perfect for winter time, or whenever the weather gets cold or wet. It’s full of warming spices like cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, plus some orange peel to brighten it up. It also smells really good. Think lovely homemade mulled wine but without the wine part.  The spices in this tea really do seem to heat me up when I’m feeling chilly, so I think they must have a warming effect on your circulation.


This one is has herbs like nettle and dandelion, which support your liver and therefore help clear your skin in the process. If I’ve had an over indulgent weekend (too much wine or too much rich food) I can usually see the effects on my skin the following week. But when I drink this tea, it seems to help keep my skin clear instead. It also has fennel, which is a herb I love to drink in tea, as I find it very soothing for my stomach and digestion.


This tea used to be called Harmonise when I first discovered it about 4 years ago. It is aimed at women specifically and it is designed to help balance our hormones and prevent the dreaded PMS from taking over! I’m not sure a tea could ever do that for me completely – I still find myself getting, shall we say, slightly irritable, once a month! But it does taste lovely and soothing. So when I feel the PMS demons returning, I like to drink this tea as a way to soothe myself. With chamomile, hibiscus flower, cranberry and rose, it tastes quite floral, but in a delicate, sophisticated way. No potpourri here!

You can find more information about Pukka teas here on their website:


There are lots of other brands that make great teas too. If you’re new to this, I suggest going to your local health food shop to see what they sell and trying out a few different flavours, depending on what tastes you prefer or what you think your body needs help with. The choice is endless. Happy sipping!